Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Terrible Beauty is Born

To respond to the ambience of the exhibition and to pay my highest respect to the BRILLIANT 11th Biennale de Lyon, I made sure to dress up with all my excessive, funny pieces of clothes. :-)
I enjoyed a lot of the artworks in the show, especially the animation "Escenario" by Gabriel Acevedo Velarde. It is totally fascinating to me; with the simple, almost "cute" black and white characters, it conceives the idea of endless complicity, conformity, denial of individualism and the blind stupidity…
Well, back to the topic of my outfit, don't you think they match perfectly with the trashy, messy background? I love this conflicting, clashing set of photos, hope you enjoy! Kisses, xx.

Leather Jacket: Sword
Bag: Mulberry

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