Monday, June 30, 2014

Very Windy Day

It took a long time to take these photos because it was just all the sudden very windy in Arizona that day...I wore this perfect hat and a cute unicorn dress, but was struggling to keep the hat on and to show the shape of this oversized airy shirt dress. And of course, the photos didn't turn out the best. My hair is messy and the brim of the hat was in every direction but where it should be... :( Anyways, they might not be the best set of photos but they are definitely different!

- Dress: Girls from MARS or here - Hat: Topshop - Shoes: similar here - Bag: Similar here - 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mediterranean Sea, Cassis and Marseille

Isn't the view amazing?! :) When I was editing the photos my mind flew back to southern France and the Mediterranean Sea again...I was lucky to go to Casis thanks to my friend Vanessa (and her friend who has a car and knows how to drive a manual)! Casis is a popular tourist place about 20km away from Marseille, and is famous for its cliffs and the shelter inlets called "calanques".  We enjoyed the beautiful coast and the sea water, and later had a great bouillabaisse (Marseille fish soup) dinner at old port Marseille! Hope you enjoy the scenery through my lens! Have a great weekend!!! 

- Top: Similar here - Shorts: BDG - Hat: ASOS - Bikini: Splendid - Bag: Topshop -

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blue Floral

I fell in love with this dress the moment I spotted it. Normally I don't like floral print dresses, but this one is really unique and different. The pattern of the dress reminds me of the antique fabrics I saw in thevintage stores, but the style and the cut is very modern and edgy...Later on I found the very similar patterned jumpsuit on Topshop and the same style of shirt dress on ASOS, and was really surprised how they look so identical! Well I guess fashion does travel fast!

Ps. Have you noticed the color tone of the photos are different in my last couple posts? Let me know what you think of the editing! Thanks!!

TW:今天穿的是最近在女孩兒 (點進連結)看到很特別的一件洋裝,第一次看到老闆娘穿 就愛上她了!通常對花洋裝沒什麼好感的我,看到這件立馬OS -> "夭壽怎麼這麼美,還有沒有貨?” 

不知道為什麼她的花紋讓我聯想到古董店裡賣的很英式鄉村風的布料,乍看之下就是非常浪漫 ; 但是版型又是這幾年最流行的襯衫式洋裝,穿起來自然垂墜的隨性感完全就是我的菜!後來在TopshopASOS也有看到類似的款式或花紋,但還是女孩兒的好看,價格也比較可愛。

這件在女孩兒店裡還有綠色現貨 (在這裡),(後來看到莎莎進了綠色版我又很軛輓沒買綠色,總覺得綠色洋裝比較特別...(淚)。喜歡的快點私訊老板娘!

- Headband: Nordstrom - Dress: similar ASOS and Topshop - Sandals: Topshop - Bracelet: Cor-date

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Avignon and the Bridge

I added a soundtrack on this post because, who doesn't think of this cute children's song when they heard about Avignon?! :-) And it's so cliche but of course I will show you the bridge for my first photo. Besides the broken bridge, Avignon is also famous for its medieval buildings including the papal residence, where seven popes had resided in during the 14th century. I apologize for having not much to say about my outfit because when I arrived in South France all I had was dirty laundry, and it didn't leave me much choice... ;p

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Caramel Chic

- Dress: Girls from MARS or similar here - Top: ASOS - Sandals: ASOS - Bag: similar Frye - Necklace: Cor-date -